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Hauraki Gulf

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What is an apex predator?
Crazy plastic journey
How does a dolphin move?
Why is plastic so bad for sea creatures?
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Catch fish not birds
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Sharks - super fast swimmers
How many eggs does this huge fish lay?
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Why do we call this a meatball?
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Kelp, help!
Riley searches for crayfish
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Can a girl fish become a boy fish?
Can you find the triplefin all over NZ?
Mussels do what to the water?
What is a kelp forest?
Dolphins special sleep trick
Which sea animal wears armour to survive?
Where do most living things live?
What is a habitat?
A swimming crab, WHAT?
Is the fur seal just a dog that swims really well?
Te haerenga wawau o te kirihou
Which dolphin has the biggest teeth?
How can blind dolphins catch fish?
How can kiwi kids help the green turtle?
How do spiny rock lobsters grow?
What is a marine pest?
Top tips on saving our oceans
Riley's amazing ray adventure
Dolphin skin - it's amazing!
An apex predator is ...
What does a dolphins sonar tell them?
Whakamutua te whakamahi kirihou
Ngā manu o te moana me ngā tohorā!
What has 10 legs and super feelers?
Is a sharks skin made from teeth?
Is this a sea hedgehog?
Annoying species
Meet the striped marlin
How do stingrays swim?
What does a shark eat?
Riley's amazing orca discovery
How do we stop spreading marine pests
Oceans full of plastic
Are sharks bones made from noses?
Why is biosecurity important?
Name this marine pest
What does Hauraki mean?
How do marine pests get to NZ
Hopukina he ika, kaua ko te manu.
Name a NZ marine pest
Riley's dolphin adventure
What is a marine pest
Meet the bravest fish in the ocean!
Why do this fish's stripes glow?
Watch out for the sting of a ray
What concerns you most about marine pests
Who are the acrobats of the sea?
If a ray stops swimming will it ...
What is most likely to hurt a dolphin?
Growing up is tough in a spiky shell
Disappearing sea life?
How many species of turtles?
What could you do to help stop the spread of pests
What’s bad about plastic?
How do you film movies underwater?
Islands in the Hauraki Gulf
Do fish eat meatballs?
Seaweed Dad jokes
Why make friends with a killer whale?
Can rays see electricity?
Riley goes whale watching
Why call it a carpet shark?
Lots of whales in the gulf?
How far do black petrels fly?
Chicks in the Hauraki Gulf?
How did fur seals get their name?
Kiwi vs. petrel
How many marine reserves?
How many whales?
Which amazing dolphin sense is your favorite?
How is a ray like a vacuum cleaner?
Protection in the ocean
Most common dolphin?
Māori name for Hauraki Gulf?
Meet a UFO!
What’s a twitcher?
What do pipis and cockles do?
How do slow down zones work?
What are threats to seabirds?
How to swim with a snorkel
How deep can fur seals dive?
How does a ray eat it’s food?
Where do paddle crabs live?
How can fur seals hold their breaths?
Eudyptula, what?
My favourite island in the gulf
Does the slow down zone work?
Meet the tastiest creature in the ocean
Little blue penguin eggs
What do seabirds do?
Name the smallest penguin?
Birds with magic tricks
Why get caught on a fishing line?
NZ’s first nature reserve?
Why is my dad scared of crabs?
Which ray is the best swimmer?
What is a gulf?
What’s a seabird flyway?
Biggest island in the gulf?
South island in the Gulf?
How far do little blue penguins swim?
Speedy boats ...
What is a slow down zone?
Places to protect our sea life
Name this miracle bird
One of my favourite places
Which one of these places is not in the Hauraki Gulf?
How do you save a bird?
What’s a marine current?